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Before It Explodes; A Bruno Mars Love Story {Requested}; Chapter 6: Show You Around

-Reg. POV-

Rooh: *wakes up in her parents’ old  bedroom seeing herself next to Bruno, both of them shirtless* *remembers what ‘happened’ and smiles, then gently taps him to wake up*

Bruno: *jumps up, startled, then relaxes when he sees  it was Rooh* “hey” he says, sleepily

Rooh: “come on, Bru. i’m going to take you out today and show you everything L.A has to offer” she says, smiling at the sound of voice after he woke up.

Bruno: “really? isn’t it a really big city?”

Rooh: *nods* “that’s why we’re gonna do little by little”she explains

Bruno: “oh”

Rooh: “yes now get up so we can get ready”

Bruno: “alright” *sits up, running his hand through his messy hair, then he slowly gets off the bed, his back to her as he stretches*

Rooh: *looks him over, biting her bottom lip, liking the way his body looks, the muscles on his arms and back, then she looks away when he turns towards her*

Bruno:  *looks at her* “you’re not going to ge out of bed?” he asks, smirking

Rooh: *she nods, then as she stands up, she feels his gaze on her body* *she smirks to herself, then walks to the bags that are by the door and slowly bends down to get clothes, knowing Bruno was watching her, then she straightens up and walks over to the bed, placing her clothes on it* *she’s about to change when Bruno grabs her*

Bruno:  *pulls her into his arms and kisses her deeply*

Rooh: *a little surprised, but she kisses back*

Bruno: *deepens the kiss, backing her up against the wall, running his hands up and down her body*

Rooh: *smiles, wrapping her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss more, pulling his body against hers*

Bruno: *smirks and holds her closer to him, kissing her*

Rooh: *kissing him a bit passionately, then she feels his hands go to her jeans, about to unbutton them* *she realizes what’s happening and pulls away* “Bruno, i think we should stop” she says, a little breathless from the kissing

Bruno: *nods* “you’re right, i’m sorry”

Rooh: “it’s okay” she said, kissing his cheek, then she pulled out of his arms and changes into clothes

Bruno: *gets dressed as well* 

Rooh: “let’s go” she says, taking his hand, then they leave the house. 

Miles: “where to?” he asks as they slide into the limo

Rooh: “mall, please?” 

Miles: “on it” he says, then begins driving

Bruno: “the mall?” 

Rooh: *she nods* “yup. It’s way bigger compared to the one back in Hawaii. Plus, you need an update” she says, looking at his t-shirt and shorts. 

Bruno: “oh” 

Rooh: *nods again, then takes his hand and lays her head on his chest, listening to the sound of his heartbeat, smiling* 

Bruno: *wraps his arms around her* 

Rooh: *closes her eyes, thinking* 

Bruno: *looking out the window, rubbing her back* 

-After a while; The limo comes to a stop-

Rooh: *sits up and sees their at the mall* “We’re here” 

Bruno: *releases her, then they get out* 

Rooh: “I’ll call you when we’re done” she tells Miles

Miles: “okay, have fun” he says, smiling, 

Rooh: *closes the door, then takes Bruno’s hand and walks with him into the mall* 

Bruno: “wow, you are right, this is bigger than the one in Hawaii” 

Rooh: “i told you” she says, smirking, then they begin walking around…

-4 hours later-

They come out of another store, carrying bags from every other cool store. 

Bruno: “wow, who knew shopping was fun?” 

Rooh: *she laughs* “apparently every girl and gay guy in the world” 

Bruno: *looks at her* “what’s that supposed to mean?” 

Rooh: *she laughs more* “well, you sounded like a total girl/gay guy when you said that” 

Bruno: “shut up, you know you love me” he says in a gay voice, 

Rooh: *she laughs even more, then they stop at a bench and sit down* 

Bruno: *sits beside her* 

Rooh: *smiles at him, then reaches into one of her bags and pulls out a fedora and ray-banz, then she places them on him* 

Bruno: *looks at her* 

Rooh: “damn you look good” she says softly, 

Bruno: “what?” 

Rooh: “i said, man, it’s looks good” she lies, 

Bruno: “uh-huh, sure” he says, smirking at her. 

Rooh: *rolls her eyes, blushing* 

Bruno: “well, i like it.” he says, adjusting the hat and glasses. 

Rooh: *she smiles* “good” 

Bruno: *laughs* 

Rooh: “come on, we have more places to go” 

Bruno: “alright” 

They get up, carring their trillion bags and leave, Rooh calling Miles.

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Before It Explodes; A Bruno Mars Love Story {Requested}; Chapter 5: It Won’t

-Reg. POV-

Bruno: *walks into Rooh’s old room and sees everything pink, with flowers, butterflies and ponies* *almost bursts out in laughter*

Rooh: *notices and glares at him*

Bruno: *quickly shuts up, clearing his throat, then walks around the room*

Rooh: *laughs quietly, then stands by the door, thinking back to the kiss, blush creeping back up to her cheeks*

Bruno: *notices her and smirks, then looks at the small, white bedside table and sees a picture of Rooh when she was younger with a boy a little older than her next to her* “hey rooh?”

Rooh: “yeah?”

Bruno: “whose this?” he asks, pointing to the boy

Rooh: “oh… him… yeah, that was my brother, Jonathon.” she says, looking down after she glanced at the picture. 

Bruno: “how come i never seen him before?” he asks, 

Rooh: *sighs a bit* “he… um… he got… taken from us a month after that picture” *eyes glistening with tears*

Bruno: “oh my gosh. I’m so sorry” he says, putting the picture down, then pulls her into his arms, “i didn’t know”

Rooh: “it’s okay. you didn’t do anything wrong. you were just curious” *blinks the tears away*

Bruno: “i’m really sorry” he says, not letting her go, holding her close

Rooh: “it’s alright, Bru. You didn’t do anything” she tells him, 

Bruno: “i know. but seriously. i wish i didn’t ask. I hate seeing you like this” he tells her,

Rooh: “yeah, sorry…” she looks down

Bruno: *lifts her chin so she’s looking into his eyes, then pulls her in slowly and kisses her softly, enough to make her feel better*

Rooh: *gives in instantly, easily melting into his kiss, closing her eyes* *kisses him back gently*

Bruno: *deepens the kiss a little, placing his hand on her lower back, pulling her closer, their bodies tightly pressed together*

Rooh: *smiles a little, wrapping her arms around his neck*

Bruno: *picks her up, not breaking the kiss, then walks to her parents’ old room* *lays her on the bed, then slowly climbs on top of her, still not breaking the kiss*

Rooh: *deepens the kiss more, sliding her hands onto his chest* *begins unbuttoning his shirt*

Bruno: *lets her, pulling hers off in the process, then slowly pulls away and looks her over* “damn, i know we’re best friends and we’re super close, but i have never seen you so… exposed… you look really sexy” *smirks at her*

Rooh: *blushes and looks away* “i… i’m not sexy”

Bruno: *turns her face towards his and looks into her eyes* “yes you are. As a guy and your best friend, you are very sexy to me”

Rooh: *blushes more*

Bruno: *smiles, then leans back in and kisses her*

Rooh: *slowly pulls away* “wait… Bruno… this… that we’re doing… it’s not going to change anything between us… right?” she asks

Bruno: *thinks about it* “depends which way you don’t want to change”

Rooh: “in a bad way”

Bruno: *shakes his head* “then no. It won’t change a thing… But it’s up to you if you want to change it into something more" he tells her

Rooh: “not yet…” she says,

Bruno: “then i’m good with that” *smiles assuringly*

Rooh: *smiles back, then covers her mouth and yawns*

Bruno: “you’re tired. You should sleep” 

Rooh: *nods* 

Bruno: *smiles, kisses her forehead, then is about to get off of her*

Rooh: *grabs him, pulling him back on top of her* “you don’t have to get off”

Bruno: *chuckles a bit* “alright then”

Rooh: *smiles, then closes her eyes and instantly falls asleep*

Bruno: *smiles, then kiss her cheek* *closes his eyes, falling asleep on top of her* 

Before It Explodes; A Bruno Mars Love Story {Requested}; Chapter 4: L.A.

-Reg. POV-

Bruno: *feels the jolt of the plane and wakes up, then looks around, seeing they’re in L.A* *looks over to Rooh and sees her still asleep* *gently shakes her*

Rooh: *slowly wakes up* “what happened?”

Bruno: “We’re here” 

Rooh: “oh, okay” she says, then once the plane lands completely and they’re free to move around, she gets up and starts walking but loses her balance and almost falls

Bruno: “whoa, easy there” he tells her, catching her before she can fall

Rooh: *blushes a lot* “thanks” she says, then they get off the plane. 

They go to the luggage area and grab their stuff, then they leave the building, looking around outside for the driver they had.

Rooh: *spots him and smiles, then goes up to him* “Miles!”

Miles {Driver}: *sees her* “Rooh Darlin’, it’s good to see ya again. It’s been forever. Last time i saw ya, you were about 5 years old” he tells her, a heavy thick New York accent

Rooh: “well, i’ve been places”

Bruno: *stands there, watching them*

Rooh: *looks at Bruno and smiles, then says* “Miles, this is my best friend, Bruno, he’s from Hawaii. Bruno, this is my parents’ driver, Miles, he’s from New York”

Bruno: “nice to meet you”

Miles: “hey, any friend of Rooh, is a friend of mine” *smiles warmly at Bruno, then grabs their bags and places them in the trunk*

Rooh: *gets into the limo*

Bruno: *gets in beside her*

Miles: *gets in the front and begins driving* “so where to?” he asks her

Rooh: “my old house, please? No one’s gotten a hold of it, right?”

Miles: “of course not. No one’s even realized you and your family left” he tells her,

Rooh: “good” she says, then sits back, looking around L.A* “Ah, memories”

Bruno: *smiles* “Dang, Rooh. I didn’t think you were rich” 

Rooh: “well, i lived in L.A. My dad is a director. i know we never mentioned it, back in Hawaii, but dad didn’t want anyone to know. Why? I have no idea” 

Bruno: “oh. No wonder you have a lot of things” 

Rooh: *nods* “yup”

-They get to her house-

Bruno: *looks at it* “Damnnn girl. Your house is HUGE!” 

Rooh: “i know right? Let’s go look at it” she says, then grabs his wrist and gets out of the limo, pulling him with her. 

Miles: *gets their stuff and takes it in*

Rooh: *leads Bruno into her house*

Bruno: “whoa. Everything is so big, compared to the houses back in Hawaii” 

Rooh: “well, when you got a director for a father, you’re rich” she says, “come on, we’ll take my parents’ room as ours.” 

Bruno: “why not yours?” he asks, 

Rooh: “because last time i was here, i was 5. So it’s still all girly.” 

Bruno: *smirks mischeviously*

Rooh: *sees his smirk and looks at him suspiciously* “what are you thinking?” 

Bruno: *shakes his head, then takes off upstairs*

Rooh: *realizes where he’s going and follows* “don’t you dare, Bruno!” 

Bruno: *laughs, then stops in the hallway* *looks around and spots a door with pink flowers* “aha! found it!” *runs to the room*

Rooh: *runs faster and slides in front of him, blocking the door* “haha sucker. Try to get past now”

Bruno: *tries to go a different way* 

Rooh: *blocks him again*

Bruno: *keeps trying to get by*

Rooh: *keeps blocking him*

Bruno: “Come on, Rooh. Please let me see your room? Please?” *does the puppy dog face*

Rooh: “na. i won’t let you” 

Bruno: “please? i’ll do anything” 

Rooh: “anything to get into this room?” 

Bruno: *nods* “please, Rooh”

Rooh: “i don’t know. You gotta prove you’ll do anything and you can’t say whatever you’ll do. You’ll have to show it” 

Bruno: “fine” *takes one of her hands* “please?”

Rooh: “nope”

Bruno: *thinks, then kisses her cheek*

Rooh: *blushes a lot* “no. not that either”

Bruno: *kisses her forehead*

Rooh: *shakes her head*

Bruno: *thinks again, then slowly leans in towards her, their lips inches apart*

Rooh: *her heart begins racing and her cheeks turn redder*

Bruno: *doesn’t notice her blush* *closes the distance between them and presses his lips against hers, kissing her softly*

Rooh: *gasps, but doesn’t pull back* *she slowly smiles and kisses him back, placing her hand on the back of his neck*

Bruno: *doesn’t pull away* *deepens the kiss a little, sliding his hand on her lower back, pulling her closer*

Rooh: *wraps her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss more*

Bruno: *smiles, then slowly releases the kiss* *pulls back a little and looks into her eyes* “was that enough proof for you?”

Rooh: *blushing a lot, her cheeks really red* *nods* “yeah…”

Bruno: *smiles again* “by the way, you’re a very good kisser”

Rooh: *blushes more* “thanks, but you’re better”

Bruno: *chuckles* “i know”

Rooh: *laughs, then moves out of the way and lets him into her room*

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Before It Explodes; A Bruno Mars Love Story {Requested}; Chapter 3: We’re Ready

-Saturday; Reg. POV- (a/n: it’s going to be in the past for a while. so sorry if it takes forever to get to the present)

Rooh: *has everything ready, dragging her stuff downstairs, meeting up with Bruno who was waiting for her* “the least you could do is help”

Bruno: “sorry” he says, grabbing a few of her bags, then walks with her to his car,

Rooh: *carries some of her bags, then places them into the trunk of the car, then she gets in*

Bruno: *puts away the last of the bags, then gets into the drivers side and starts driving to the airport*

-When they get there-

Bruno: *parks the car, then gets out, getting some of the bags out*

Rooh: *gets the rest of them, then follows him*

Bruno: *grabs her wrist, pulling her with him as they run through the airport, getting to the receptionist, then gets the tickets* 

Rooh: *a bit bouncy*

Bruno: “you okay?” *looks at her*

Rooh: “i’m fine. Just excited, but nervous.” 

Bruno: *slides his hand into hers and squeezes gently* 

Rooh: *blushes a lot* *looks away, pretending to look around as he gets the tickets* 

Bruno: *tugs on her, then when she responds, they begin running toward the terminal* *gives the tickets to the girl and the bags to the guy to take into the plane compartments, then pulls Rooh with him* 

Rooh: *follows him, trying not to trip* 

Bruno: *chuckles a bit, then gets onto the plane, going to first class*

Rooh: “whoa. you got us into first class?” *surprised*

Bruno: “i believe the words you are looking for are ‘Thank You’ ” *sits down on one of the seats*

Rooh: “how did you manage to get this?” *walking around, running her hands along the soft leather of the seats, then sits beside him*

Bruno: “well, since my parents make a lot of money with the singing, they gave me some of the money” 

Rooh: “remind me to thank your parents if we come back” 

Bruno: “if

Rooh: *still a little bouncy*

Bruno: *notices her and laughs a little* “remind me to never let you drink coffee” 

Rooh: *laughs with him* “hey, you can’t blame me for being excited” 

Bruno: *smiles* “true” 

Rooh: *smiles back* 

The voice over the P.A tells everyone to buckle up, blah… blah… blah… (a/n: sorry, i don’t feel like writing it all out. haha)

Rooh: *sighs, then buckles her seat belt and sits back*

Bruno: *does the same, then takes her hand again, knowing she’s nervous* “don’t worry. we can do this… we’re ready for this”

Rooh: *smiles* “i know. i’m just a bit worried…” 

Bruno: “so am i, but for now, let’s just enjoy the journey” *smiles reassuringly*

Rooh: *smiles more, then squeezes his hand lightly*

Bruno: *doesn’t release her hand, instead, he closes his eyes and leans his head back*

Rooh: *can’t help but stare at him, her eyes on his lips, wanting so bad to lean in and kiss him* *thinks about it for a second and is about to do it, but stops herself, blushing a lot, realizing what she was about to do* 

-Bruno’s POV-

I was sitting on the plane with Rooh and i could tell she was nervous about everything, but so was i. I took her hand, telling her that there’s nothing to worry about. After a while, i closed my eyes a little, not completely, pretending to be asleep, then i saw her lean in a little towards me, but she stopped and pulled back, her cheeks red. I smirked a bit, knowing she wanted to kiss me, but i understood her hesitation. We were only best friends, she made that perfectly clear, but i’ve always wanted it more than that… So now, i’m not sure whether she likes me or not. I sighed a bit and opened my eyes, giving up with trying to sleep. I looked over to her and she was looking out the window, lost in her thoughts. I knew what she was thinking by the way she expressed herself. I knew how to read her already. Her body language and the look on her face gave everything away. I studied her for a while, and took it that she was thinking about someone. She didn’t realize i was watching as she drew my real initials with her fingertips on the window, which disappeared a bit quickly. I felt my heart skip a beat (yes, my heart skipped a beat. Deal with it). She sighed, then closed her eyes. I couldn’t help it, so i pulled her close and held her in my arms so she could be comfortable. She smiled a bit, not moving. She slid her arms around me and fell asleep on me….

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